Bloc Party Review








It was only this July that Splendour In The Grass festival-goers were treated to the eclectic sounds of 4 piece British boys Bloc Party after two years of hiatus – and luckily fans are in store for more strobe-filled chaotic live goodness with the band returning in March to hit-up the Future Music Festival 2013 touring Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

The Splendour In The Grass shows from earlier this year gave audiences a chance to re-live old favourites such as “Hunting for witches” and “Mercury” from early Bloc Party albums Silent Alarm, Intimacy, Flux and A Weekend in the City, mixed in newer material like “Truth” and “Octopus” from most recent album Four; and, considering the album had not yet been released at the time,  these songs were received passionately by fans – a positive indication for the good times in store with the upcoming Future Music Festival.

After the two year hiatus musicians Kele Okereke, Russell Lissack, Gordon Moakes and Matt Tong have offered up an album that combines the bands history with heavy-rock sounds and more recent electronica mastery with the result being an energetic and layered sound that varies from track to track, creating an exhilarating experience for listeners.

The dramatic, screaming guitars from Lissak and tension building drums from Tong inspire both fear and passion in a heavy fashion like that of band Muse on tracks like “3×3” and “Kettling” which ooze attitude and drama; while songs “V.A.L.I.S” and “The Healing” show a more tender side of the group with soft synth sounds from Moakes and precise but subtle drums courtesy of Tong.

These sounds compliment the gentle but deliberate vocals of Okereke that act to enhance the feelings already created by the music, creating songs which build atmosphere and emotion within the listener, an it is this unique experience that we can only hope to see recreated on stage when Bloc Party again grace our shores early next autumn.



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