A Bear In A Man Suit Cessnock Show – presented by ‘The Vindication’ and ‘Musitopia’

Between the three cars required to get ‘A bear in a man suit’ to their 3rd ever gig in the small town of Cessnock there was; 1 successful Facebook competition, 7 groupies, 4 hours travel, 3 toilet breaks, 10 cans of energy drink, 12 wrong turns,15 minutes of yoga and 1 broken snare drum.

And what a gig it was.

Being one of the only bands with a set primarily comprised of originals, it seemed that amongst the line-up of punk and rock cover bands ‘A bear in a man suit’ might fade into obscurity with their unfamiliar crowd – but thankfully this was not the case. With their bold crowd-interaction and ridiculously catchy hooks, ‘A bear in a man suit’ were instantly a favourite, getting the entire crowd moshing, singing, and stomping passionately to their original songs – that most of the audience had never heard.


This band make their impression with vocals that scream to your inner demons, guitar riffs that swell inside your chest and lift you from the floor, a bass that snarls its way into your head then transforms into tender and moving rhythms, and drums that intrude into your personal space and tie the whole atmosphere together – catching you off guard when you realise your body is possessed and moving in time with the foreign sound you’ve just been exposed to.

When the bass player unexpectedly leaps into the crowd, barefoot and wild-eyed while dancing to his own funky rhythm, you know the band your watching band is entertaining; but when the drummer takes his whole kit into the crowd (followed by the singer and guitarist instructing the crowd into a hectic circle pit) and plays so hard his snare breaks – you know you’re in for a whole new experience.

Hailing from coastal town Port Macquarie, ‘A bear in a man suit’ have earned the reputation of “that crazy band that everyone loves”, appearing at youth group events all over their local area, creating a passionate following with something new to share each time.

The songs ‘A bear in a man suit’ perform are hard to categorise, the variety of genres they manipulate within their set can be overwhelming to say the least. One minute an anger fuelled onslaught comparable to ‘Linkin Park’ is pulsating from the energetic quartet, then the next minute the audience is treated to an old-school 12 bar blues composition, often followed by a number of covers which include: Feel Good Inc by the Gorillaz, Neapolitan Dreams by Lisa Mitchell, the Harry Potter theme song and A place for my head by Linkin Park.

This strange mix shouldn’t work, but work it does.

Having recently won recording time at AIM studios Sydney through a local ‘battle of the bands’ competition, I’d recommend to keep an eye out for an ‘A bear in man suit’ EP in the coming months and hopefully more crazy shows, but in the mean time you can check out their Facebook page for news and catch some low-quality vids of their shows on Youtube.

A bear in a man suit Facebook:


A bear in a man suit Youtube:


Original songs:




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